A State of Mind
Finally, a pillow with comfort and support. Who said you can’t have it all?
Children Love the Pediatrician Recommended Bedtime Stories Pillow
Some call it a cloud, we call it a ComfyDown Pillow

About Us

At The Relaxful Company we understand the bedroom is more than where you go to sleep but a place to unwind and ease your mind. Our line of products is created with luxurious material, superior craftsmanship and innovative design ensuring that each product provides not only the highest level comfort but helps your body release tension naturally.

The Perfect Harmony

Down and Memory Foam chambers support proper neck alignment for easy breathing and healthier sleep.

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Sleep Like Royalty

Indulge yourself in our most luxurious pillow filled with 100% European Down.

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Smaller Pillow. Big Difference

Studies have shown that children who sleep properly sustain improved brain and body function.

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